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Dining and Dinette Tables

Handcrafted High Quality


Live Edge Slabs

I'll start by working with you on picking a slab of wood that will soon be your heirloom dining room table.  This means you get what you want from wood species, slab size, wood character, epoxy, no epoxy....well you get the picture.  If you name it, I'll find a slab with the character that matches your vision.


Handcrafted, High Quality

No compromise and no short cuts.  I do what it takes to build a custom table that will be in your family for years to come.  My goal is to match each slab of wood with its rightful owner and to bring out its full potential in beauty and quality.


From Start to Finish

I think each slab of wood has its own character and story.  That slab of wood was part of a tree that stood for decades, sometimes even centuries!  Just like you, experiences and time formed its character.  My goal at Abney Acres is to match your vision with the right character on the right slab of wood.