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Live Edge Tables

Handcrafted Quality

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Get A Price Quote

First start by filling out our price quote form and tell us what you are wanting!  We will send back a price quote within 24 hours.  Then you can decide if you want us to start sending you pictures of potential live edge slabs we can use for your table, based on your vision.


Pick A Slab and A Base

We have access to a couple thousand slabs, ranging from coffee table size, all the way up to conference table size.  These slabs consist of walnut, hard maple, soft maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, sycamore, and a few other wood species.  As for the base, we typically do metal bases, and can get our hands on pretty much anything. 

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Untitled design (1).jpg

Time to Ship or Deliver

We do ship nationwide.  We currently have tables sprinkled across the nation!  We pack with expert care and send your table off to arrive at its new home safe and sound.

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